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Donations and fundraising

Caring for You Fundraising Appeal


Our past two appeals have been for building Sheridan and Furniture and Equipment for our Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Whilst we receive funding from the state government for operating expenses such as wages and consumable items, there is no guaranteed specific funding program for funding for new and replacement equipment.

This year we will again call on the community for your generous support.

This appeal is to raise funds to replace equipment in all areas of the organisation to allow us to provide the best possible care for you.

Caring for you if you need to use our new Oncology/Chemotherapy treatment service

2016 09 Auxiliary donation

The Kyabram Hospital Ladies Auxiliary donated $20,000 to purchase 6 Alaris pumps which safely deliver medications, chemotherapy and fluids to patients.  In the picture is Bernadette Wardle, Director of Clinical Services (left) and Margaret Chalker, President of the Hospital Auxiliary

 2016 0 Heart group donation

 The Kyabram Heart Group donated $5,500 to purchase a chair Cancer Services chair for the comfort of people receiving chemotherapy treatment.  This money was raised through the Heart Group's annual tomato sales program.

Caring for you if you need to be admitted to our Wards - $13,000 needed 

The equipment that we would like to replace in the Hospital Wards is:

  • Two bedside cardiac monitors @ $2,500 each
  • Two patient lifters @ $4,000 each

The equipment we have is able to safely do the job, but is past its use-by date.

Caring for you if you need Urgent Care - $12,000 needed

The equipment we would like to replace in the Urgent Care Centre is 4 examination lights, which cost $3,000 each.

Caring for you if you need an Operation - $60,000

 More and more of our local residents require a colonoscopy or a gastroscopy. 

The equipment used for these procedures has a limited life span, and therefore requires replacement every couple of years.

Caring for you if you need Residential Aged Care or Respite Care - $5,500 a room

Our vision is to have the nicest furniture possible for our residents, to make their rooms feel like home.  The furniture we wish to purchase to replace the current furniture is:

  • King Single bed
  • Bedside table on wheels
  • Over Bed table

Our vision is to have matching furniture in each of the resident's rooms.

The King Single beds are especially designed to assist in retaining resident independence; improve resident comfort (they are longer and wider than the current beds) and reduce the risk of our residents getting pressure ulcers without having extra equipment on their beds.

 Caring for you and your Nutritional needs - $47,000 needed

The equipment that needs replacing in our Food Service area is:

  • Dishwasher
  • Deep Fryer - a donation has been received for this item
  • Bain Marie

We receive numerous compliments about how good our meals are.  They are cooked in-house for our patients and residents, and also for Meals on Wheels.

Over 200 meals are served every day.  All of them are prepared in the kitchen, plus morning and afternoon tea and supper.

Every donation makes a difference to the care we provide to you.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and are NOT used for administration costs.

 If you would like to make a donation to this appeal, please download the Appeal Donation Form and send it to us with your donation.


General Donations

Help us by making a donation

The ongoing generosity of the community is overwhelming and enables us to upgrade our facilities and purchase new equipment to provide the high level of service to our patients, clients and residents. Your ongoing support really makes a difference, and is an investment for the future.

Donations are predominantly used to purchase equipment that is not otherwise funded, or to continue to improve the facilities and services. You may choose to direct your donation to a specific location (Kyabram, Stanhope or Tongala) or area of the health service.

Donations are not used for administrative purposes.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and are a wonderful way to invest in your local health service.

How to make a donation

  • Call us on 03 5857 0200
  • Directly at any of our site – 86 – 96 Fenaughty Street, Kyabram
  • Cheque sent to;
    • CEO
    • Kyabram District Health Service
    • PO Box 564
    • Kyabram, Vic, 3619
    • Cheques can be made payable to Kyabram District Health Service

In Memoriam Donations

Families and individuals arranging funerals or memorial services sometimes request that relatives and friends do not send flowers to the service, but instead make a memorial gift to a not-for-profit organization.

An In Memoriam Gift to Kyabram District Health Service (KDHS) is a thoughtful and practical way to remember a relative or friend. These Gifts will help KDHS to purchase equipment that is not funded by the Government and continue to improve facilities and services. Donations are NOT used to fund Administration.

Please see the brochure for more information.


What is a Bequest?

A bequest is an incredibly powerful gift left in your will that nominates the recipient/s of your assets and estate. A bequest transforms your will into one of the most potent tools for change there is, with little or no impact on your lifestyle today. In establishing a bequest you may specify an amount of money or a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate, or other items such as shares or real estate.

You may also have a particular association or preference within Kyabram District Health Service as to where you wish your funds to be allocated and this can be nominated in your Will.

A Bequest is a gift for the future health and well being of your community

Please see the brochure for more information.


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