KDHS is committed to the protection and wellbeing of children and to keeping victim/survivors safe from family violence and holding perpetrators accountable.

Health Services are an early contact point for many people who have experienced family violence, presenting an opportunity for earlier identification and improved responses and referral. Creating a safe environment can reduce the barriers for victim/survivors to disclose their concerns and be a catalyst for action. An empathetic response from a trusted healthcare professional can reinforce a victim/survivor’s understanding that they are entitled to respectful relationships and a life free from violence. By respecting their decisions and offering a range of options, Kyabram District Health Service’s (KDHS) can play a vital role in ensuring a person’s health needs are met, inclusive of their safety. Such interventions have the potential to not only empower those affected by family violence but to also contribute to enhanced health outcome

Information Sharing

Kyabram District Health Service is prescribed as an Information Sharing Entity (ISE) and as such must share relevant information when requested by a Risk Assessment Entity (RAE) or ISE.

Information Sharing Scheme – Child and Family Violence Procedure

Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Request

Support Services

There are a range of support services for someone who may be a victim survivor of family violence. Contact information is included in the following brochure.

Information Brochure Family Violence


Community Resources