Going Home

In consultation with your doctor, hospital staff will decide when you are able to go home. We will let you know ahead of time so that arrangements can be made for someone to take you home.

Discharge time is usually 10am and if you can’t arrange for someone to collect you at this time, you may be asked to wait in the lounge where nursing staff can monitor you until you leave.

Your doctor and nursing staff will make arrangements for any services that you need at home such as Meals-on-Wheels, home nursing, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and they will advise you of these arrangements.

If you are concerned about any aspect of returning home, please ask your nursing staff to arrange an appointment with a social worker. You should try to arrange this appointment as early as possible before you go home.

This checklist may help you plan your discharge from hospital:

Leave a forwarding address with ward staff, in case they need to contact you.

Make sure you have a time and date for your next Outpatients appointment (if needed).

Ensure you have enough medication and understand how and when to take it.

Make sure you have all of your personal items.

Make sure that those caring for you at home know what they need to do. (If you are in any doubt, ask the nursing staff to write out your treatment program.)