All Patients that are admitted to KDHS are asked to choose whether they wish to use their Private Health Insurance or be admitted as a Public Patient.

All patients requiring medical care will be prioritised based on clinical needs, and single room accommodation will also be allocated based on clinical need.

You will not incur any “out of pocket” expenses if you use your private health insurance during your stay, including your excess.

If you receive any unexpected expenses related to your stay please contact Client Services on 5857 0200 during business hours to arrange a reimbursement.

As a private inpatient payment from your health fund will be accepted as the full settlement of the account. Pharmacy charges at discharge are paid by both public and private patients. Television and telephone charges are paid by all patients.

There are many advantages of using your private health insurance including meal voucher(s) for your support person.

By using your private health insurance at KDHS you are assisting to buy new equipment, maintain facilities and continue to provide a better service.

Please read the brochure below to find out more or for more information about using private health insurance at KDHS, telephone Patient Accounts on 03 5857 0200.