Sheridan welcomes all family and friends onsite. We are excited to have residents spend time with their loved ones in person again. Visits can take place in resident’s room or in our common areas.

Visiting guidelines may change depending on COVID-19 restrictions and we will advise you of any changes.

Social Activities

It is important to us that you are able to maintain your lifestyle needs and interest whilst living at Sheridan.

Sheridan maintains close links with the local community and encourages residents to be involved in community activities.

Residents have the freedom to go out and about in the community on their own or with family members provided their personal care needs allow them to do so safely.

Residents are also able to have 52 nights of social leave if they wish without it affecting their level of funding for care.

An individual program will be designed for you to include your interests, special needs and preferences.

Alcohol and smoking

You are free to consume alcohol, however it is expected that residents who choose to consume alcohol will not affect their own or other residents’ safety and wellbeing.

If you are a smoker you will be assessed by the Nurse in Charge and safe arrangements will be put in place to provide an outside designated smoking area.