Continuing your life journey, your way

Here at Sheridan, our staff are passionate about ensuring that when our ageing community members enter care, they continue to live their life – their way. Our goal is to provide residents with a meaningful experience, with an emphasis on supporting residents’ individual choices towards making each day count.

Our team of professional and compassionate staff focus on partnering with our clients and residents to provide the highest standard of care and service in a safe, happy and comfortable environment. We provide a range of stimulating and varied lifestyle programs to ensure our clients and residents have many options to stay active and social.

Residential Aged Care

Short Term Respite Care

Our short term respite care allows carers to take a break from their caring role without compromising their loved one’s care needs. Financial assistance may be available for first-time users.

After the completion of a My Aged Care Assessment you may be entitled to up to 63 days of funded respite care per financial year.

The only fee applicable for residents in respite care is the Basic Daily Fee. This is the maximum amount that everyone pays for the day-to-day services received in the facility. The maximum daily fee is currently set at 85% of the single basic age pension.

Residential Permanent Care

Sheridan provides a place for our ageing community members to call home. A home where engaging activities are provided by our enthusiastic lifestyle staff. A home where registered and enrolled nursing staff provide 24/7 resident centered care.

Sheridan is a fully accredited residential aged care facility, registered until 3 March 2026.

For further information about these services please click here or to obtain an application pack, please contact Nicole on (03) 5857 0329.

Accommodation Fees

There are a number of costs associated with Aged Care facilities in Australia, and not all fees apply to everyone. The Australia Government Services Australia, determine what you pay for Aged Care depending on your income and assets test which is completed before you are admitted to permanent care.

Accommodation Fees can consist of 3 parts, depending on your financial situation. These are:

  • A Basic Daily Fee: A maximum amount that everyone pays for the day-to-day services received in the facility. The maximum daily fee is currently set at 85% of the single basic age pension and is the only fee required for some residents.
  • An Accommodation Payment: A contribution towards or full payment for your room that you may have to pay depending on your assessed income and assets.
  • A means-tested Care Fee (MTCF): An additional amount that some people pay towards the cost of their day-to-day care determined through a means assessment. The MTCF is determined by the Department of Human Services and may change from time to time. Annual and lifetime caps apply to this fee.


Payment Options

If you are required to pay an accommodation fee you may choose to pay by:

  • A lump sum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) : $415,000
    Fully refundable (unless reduced by the drawdown option) and guaranteed by the Australian Government
  • A rental-style Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) paid monthly and calculated using the government’s maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR). For example, RAD x MPIR / 365 = DAP. Approximately $93 per day (check My Aged Care for updates)
  • A combination the above or
  • A combination with the DAP (and other charges) drawn from the paid RAD

Please contact us or visit for further information on Aged Care fees.

We recommend seeking independent advice from a qualified and experience Aged Care Financial Planner to make sure the decision reached is the right one for you.

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