Contact Details

Renal Dialysis Unit

Phone: (03) 5857 0217

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Care close to home

The Renal Dialysis Unit (RDU) is a satellite unit of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. In collaboration with local nephrologists and nurses, regional patients are able to access specialist care that allows them to stay in their community.

Access to the unit

The entrance to the RDU is located at the front of the dialysis unit building, next to the Urgent Care Centre. There are 3 car parks located to the right of the building reserved for dialysis clients during their treatment.

Patient Information

Haemodialysis is a life-saving treatment and you are required to attend even if you feel unwell.

In the event that you attend your appointment unwell, your Dialysis Nurse will assess you and may recommend medical care, which may include being transferred to another facility.

Our staff our specially trained and able to make clear and safe clinical decisions about your dialysis treatment. Should problems arise during your treatment our staff are able to consult a Nephrologist via telephone. Specialist support is provided by St Vincent’s hospital who provide support to our nursing staff and visit our Unit 1 day per month.

If your Nephrologist is located at a different hospital you will need to attend your renal appointment as advised by the Nephrologist off site.


All Erythropoietin medications are prescribed to prevent you from becoming anaemic. Some pharmacies do not stock these products so our staff will order the medication from our pharmacy and an invoice will be forwarded to you. Any other prescriptions and medications you may require are your responsibility.

A list of your medications is kept with your records. We ask that you bring with you any medications that you may need to take during your treatment.

We follow the St.Vincent’s Iron Infusion Policy and will administer Iron if required whilst you are on dialysis.


Patients are required to arrange their own transport to and from dialysis. Should you require medical treatment in Melbourne, you will need to arrange your own transport to attend unless an Ambulance is required.

Once your dialysis session has finished, staff can arrange for a taxi on your behalf.

If you have difficulty with transport, we can contact a Social Worker to assist with arrangements.

Hand Washing

Hand washing has been found to be the most effective way to reduce the incidence of cross-infection. All dialysis patients and visitors are required to wash their hands upon entering the unit and before and after treatment using the hand basins provided.

Spirigel is located around the Unit and is required to be used before use of the scales. Thoroughly rub a small amount onto your hands. Spirigel acts as a hand wash for unsoiled hands and it’s use is an effective method of reducing infections.

Education Material

Our Renal Dialysis Unit has access to a variety of fact sheets and resources, if you wish to access these please ask the nurse looking after you.