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Diabetes Educator

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Please speak to your doctor or specialist for a referral. Alternatively,  you can click here to access our self-referral form.

Our Services

Our diabetes Educators are here to support people with all types of diabetes.
We offer information and support regarding self-care in managing diabetes by discussing lifestyle issues, reviewing medications and supporting blood glucose monitoring.
The Diabetes Educators can also demonstrate and discuss the use of technology in diabetes care such as flash glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy.
Members of the Diabetes team other than your General Practitioner and Diabetes Educator may include:
  • Endocrinologist, who specialises in care and management of people with diabetes.
  • Dietitian, to support healthy eating.
  • Social Worker, to support mental health and wellbeing.
  • Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist, who can give advice about exercise choices.
  • Ophthalmologist, who will monitor any changes in the eyes.
  • Podiatry, for foot care.

Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

What to do when you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes:

  1. Choose healthy foods to reduce your weight and normalize blood glucose levels.
  2. Regular activity decreases insulin resistance and improves blood glucose levels. Consult your GP before commencing an exercise program.
  3. Learn how to monitor your blood glucose levels.  This will provide useful information on the progress of your lifestyle changes.
  4. Your doctor may provide medication to control your diabetes and will discuss this with you.
  5. Have regular check-ups with your health care team.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

We run a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Clinic for people with Type 1 diabetes. CGM is a small wearable device that provides information about changes in blood glucose levels 24 hours a day over a 7-day period.

Patients will be admitted for insertion of the sensor – a small, flexible metal electrode under the skin by a Credentialed Diabetes Educator. Insertion and education takes approximately 1 hour and the removal will take approximately 10 minutes. The results will be sent directly to the client and Endocrinologist who will review the data.

Please speak to your GP or Endocrinologist for a referral.