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Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator

Phone: (03) 5857 0200


Please speak to your doctor or specialist for a referral. Alternatively,  you can click here to access our self-referral form.

What is the Chronic Heart Failure program?

This program provides support for you to manage your health condition. Our multidisciplinary team works with you and your doctor or specialist to help you understand what heart failure is, and how to best care for your heart and general health.

Team members involved with the program include:

What does the program involve?

The program works with you to plan your care, and may include:

  • Assessment- Clinical Assessment with the Cardiac Nurse and as required a Dietitian and or/Social Worker.
  • Care Planning- We help you develop a care plan and work with your doctor or specialist to achieve the best health outcomes for you.
  • Exercise and Education- We provide an 8-week Cardiac Rehabilitation Program including exercise and education group sessions. Alternatively, you can access a home-based exercise program to suit your needs.
  • Community Linkages- We can link you into wider community-based programs where appropriate.

Why take part in the program?

The benefits of any multidisciplinary heart failure management program include:

  • Support with self-managing your condition
  • Information and assistance for you to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Support for you to improve your quality of life
  • Assistance with reducing your risk of unplanned hospital admission